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MVV Maastricht


The club

MVV Maastricht is established on 2 April 1902 and, as such, one of the oldest football clubs in the Netherlands. It has a rich history and even brighter future!

The club identifies closely with its home town Maastricht. This can be seen in the club logo (showing a star, one of the symbols of the City of Maastricht), the colours of the club (red and white), the name of the South stand Angelside (referring to one of the symbols of the City of Maastricht) and the singing of the Maastricht Anthem before a match.

“Us MVV” (“our MVV”) has always had a relatively large fan base, leading to average attendance around 5,000.

Since 1961 MVV Maastricht plays its matches in “Stadion De Geusselt” (De Geusselt Stadium), named after the still existing 17th century chateau Geusselt.


Would you like to experience a match of this football club? We warmly welcome you in “Stadion De Geusselt”!

You can buy your tickets via the ticket webshop (www.mvv.nl/tickets) or at the entrances of the stadium before the match.


Fixtures and results

Click here to see the fixtures and results

Events, hospitality and business

MVV Maastricht has a multitude of options for sponsors and visitors regarding events, hospitality and business on match days as wells a non-match days.


It is possible to organise an event or other activities in (part of) De Geusselt Stadium, such as meetings, conferences, parties, team building activities, a football match or other sports events for your organisation and/or clients. The Rabobank Maastricht Business Lounge can host meetings with a maximum of 900 persons. For further information of the possibilities for organising an event, please contact Mr. Kevin Verweij (businesslounge@mvv.nl).

MVV Businessclub

The MVV Businessclub provides facilities for sponsors to engage in networking, advertising and/or entertaining clients. For further information on the possibilities of the MVV Businessclub, please contact Mr. Reginald Thal (reginald.thal@mvv.nl)


For further questions and/or remarks about MVV Maastricht, buying ticket and/or events, hospitality and business, please do not hesitate to contact us:

MVV Information desk:         Monday-Friday, 13h00-17h00

Phone:                                    (+31) (0)43-352 57 57

Email:                                     info@mvv.nl

Visitor’s address:

MVV Maastricht (including MVV Information desk)

Geusseltweg 11

6225 XS Maastricht

The Netherlands

Postal address:

MVV Maastricht

Postbus 4444

6202 ZV Maastricht

The Netherlands


By car

Plan your trip via http://maps.google.com with destination “Stadionplein”, “Geusseltweg” or “Olympiaweg”.

By bike

Why not come by bike? De Geusselt Stadium has extensive bicycle stands.

By public transport

Plan your trip via http://9292.nl/en to bus stops “Burgemeester van Oppenstraat (Maastricht)” or “Olympiaweg (Maastricht)”.